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I'm Jan and I have been in the recruitment industry nearly 20 years, starting as a Trainee in the commercial sector, and progressing to Branch Manager for an International agency before starting my own recruitment business ‘Infinite Recruitment’ on 20th May 2019. I can honestly say I am still as passionate about helping people as I was in 2002, helping candidates find their ideal role is just the best feeling  and securing  partnerships with clients that you just know will last for years,  really does make me feel amazing, I absolutely love my job!

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Why use a recruiter, when I can do it myself?

In my experience, "most companies are frustrated with the amount of time, effort and money that is actually spent on the recruitment process" and some organisations would rather pull out their own teeth than have to look through endless CV's  just to see if the ideal candidate is in there somewhere, and that's just one small part of the process. In fact I spoke to a Hiring Manager recently who told me that she had 200+ applications to one job advert, which took her over 3 days to look through them all only to be left frustrated. Because in reality, only one of those candidate CV's was actually qualified to do the job. So much time wasted. Now I know that's a bit extreme and it's certainly not your average application ratio, however, I can help companies like this by receiving all the applications on their behalf and only shortlist qualified CV's.

Lets do some simple math... On average a CV takes around five minutes to have a good look at, lets say the average applications to a 1 job is 20, would you say thats a fair amount?


So, to look at 20 CV's it would take you ? , hang on my maths is not so good, ok i got it, 1 hour 40 minutes 

From my experience I would only send 3 suitable applicant CVs over to you on the first instance, so I  can potentially save clients,


1 hour have saved you 1 hour and 25 minutes ,imagine what you could do with that time? 


Along with companies  I'm determined to give candidates that come my way an experience that they remember, in a good way. I will support them with CV and cover letter templates as well additional support in the form of blogs and podcasts, sharing tips and advice on the recruitment process and daily job alert subscriptions.  In my experience recruiters are not very well liked by candidates, and in all honesty it's often well-deserved.  But I want to change that! By giving them the best experience possible, even if it means referring them to another agency, which I quite often do. Caring about the local community is caring about clients and candidates!

What makes Infinite Recruitment different?

"I get asked this a lot and my answer remains the same, when I launched Infinite Recruitment I had one initial vision in mind, helping local companies and local people.
I want to be known as a  local recruiter that you can Trust, someone who takes the time to Listen to you, Who's Honest with feedback, a recruiter who Responds and Acknowledges your CV or query when you apply for a vacancy and one who really Cares about your business, like it was my own. 

Why local community?

I moved from Hampshire to Swadlincote in 2001, sadly in 2010 we suffered a traumatic family event that left me devastated and vulnerable. I would often just walk around Swadlincote town feeling very low and very sad and someone would just walk by and say "eh up duck, how are you today?" and of course I replied "I am good thanks".  I  would continue to walk and find myself feeling so much better than when I left the house. So, when I launched Infinite Recruitment in 2019 I decided I was going to give back to the people of Swadlincote first.  They had helped me through some really bad days, just by being the great folk that they are.  I want to help them with my expertise and give back what they gave to me: "a good feeling"

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