Your own personal local recruiter.

If you're a local business based in and around the Swadlincote/Burton-on-Trent areas and you are looking for support with your recruitment, I'd love the opportunity to work with you. 

Think of me as your own personal recruiter, without the employment ties! All I require from you is a face-to-face meeting to help me understand your company culture, values and the job roles, all of which are key to finding the right candidates. Let me do all the leg work for you!

Recruitment agencies have a reputation for charging excessive fees, but did you know that I also offer many free services? Sometimes I can go through various processes and still not find suitable candidates. It happens, even though I feel I have tried every angle, sometimes I just have to admit defeat and refer to another agency or resource.

Fees are only introduced once we have identified your ideal candidate/s, for the vacancies you have entrusted to me.

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Square pegs for Square holes! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your suppliers showed the same dynamism, commitment and passion for delivering what you want, when you want it, as you do? Sounds like Utopia? Well, I’m lucky enough to say it has been achieved and it is right here, not Utopia. We undertook a project that saw us go from needing one or two additional staff to needing 20, pretty much overnight. Being able to find 20 available people so quickly is pretty impressive of any recruiter, but not every recruiter can find 20 people of a calibre to undertake tasks with diligence and a real sense of pride in their contribution. The measurement of recruiting success is surely by the quality of work undertaken by the people employed, not by the quantity of people, but in this case, Jan achieved both – the difference is, Jan. Recruitment is a two way street. We may be ‘the client’ but Jan clearly cares for her candidates too – this is crucial to ensure the right people are put forward for the right positions. How else can a recruiter get the best result for both the employer and the candidate? It’s about taking personal responsibility – as if it were her own vital business project, not just another client’s project. I know from feedback from our permanent staff members that we simply could not have delivered on our promises – something which is the corner stone of our business – without Jan’s expertise and continuous professionalism. Knowing Jan, she will be embarrassed to read this but Jan, you are a marvel and deserve every success. If your business needs to recruit, please extend her the opportunity – I’m sure you will be glad you did. Nothing but Square pegs for Square holes.

James Turner - Managing Director

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Having worked alongside Jan since almost the beginning of her business venture I can highly recommend her to all clients and customers, her professionalism and natural ability for true talent selection excels her in the current market she is in.

Shaun Deakin - Business Owner

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I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies over the years but Jan is head and shoulders the best. She totally keeps you informed of progress, really goes the extra mile all the time and a rare commodity, she actually cares about the people she brings forward. Jan is first class

Mike Hutton - Director

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Working with Jan was an absolute pleasure, she was honest, hard working and always went the extra mile. Jan was loved by our drivers and clients as she never fed anyone with pipe dreams . Anyone who choses to work with this lady will be fully supported no matter what the hour . During our time spent together I never doubted her loyalty, integrity and never received anything less than 110%.

Luke Marshall MIRP - Branch Manager

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