The story behind the name & logo

You know sometimes a company name and a logo are overlooked?

Well, I wanted to share why I named the company Infinite Recruitment and how and what the logo represents?

So, when I was thinking about starting my own business I sat down with Laura @Golden Peacock, I had no idea of what to even call the agency let alone what I wanted the logo to look like.

I am not very creative and could only think of traditional recruitment names, like JJ Recruitment !!!! etc, so predicable right?

What I did know was I wanted to help support my local community, I felt a real passion for giving back and knew that Swadlincote was where I should start my journey.

Laura asked me " Who do you want to help, what do you want to achieve and why do you want to start up a recruitment agency?"

Having moved to Swadlincote from Basingstoke 21 years before to be closer to my mum after my father sadly passed away , the people of Swadlincote had unknowingly supported me through some very challenging/difficult times over those years , “you know how sometimes you are just walking down the street feeling really sad and someone would just say " Ey up me duck" and it instantly makes you feel better. I wanted to give back to those people as a way of thanking them.

So, with 17 years experience in recruitment covering many sectors, quite a lot of recruitment stories under my belt, I was finally able to answer Laura.

“I want to help support my local community, I want to be known as a recruiter candidates and clients can trust, I want to make sure I give the best candidate experience possible and I want to be a recruiter because I have so much to give and being independent means, I get to do it my way, with honesty, integrity and really caring about every single person I deal with.

I want to build solid relationships that will go on forever, even when I am not around, build a legacy for my children and my children’s children. However, the 3 people involved have to work together equally, we all have to put in the effort, we all have to share the same values otherwise it will never work, one of us will fall down or worse still all of us will.

Little did I know Laura was already at work.

Infinite Recruitment was born

What does Infinite mean?

limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate. "the infinite mercy of God"

The name was perfect, a recruitment agency that had no limits that would go on and on with the infinite mercy of god

The Logo came next

The 3 profile representatives, me, candidates, and clients in the form of the triangle, the strongest shape around, each one at the points of the triangle keeping the triangle strong, all giving the same effort to hold up the shape, so it does not collapse.

And finally, the handshake in the middle representing the relationships that are built inside the triangle and will remain infinitely because they have been built with trust, honesty, and integrity.

And that is what our logo represents

Special thank you to Laura Jones (who happens to be my daughter) for creating the logo and for supporting Infinite Recruitment Ltd from day 1, without her creative imagination and constant input into my social media I am sure I would not as of today reached 1k followers.

Thank you for reading

Jan Johnson

Director of Infinite Recruitment Ltd

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