I'm Jan and I have been in the recruitment industry for 19 years now, starting as a Trainee in the commercial sector, and progressing to Branch Manager for an International agency before starting my own recruitment business ‘Infinite Recruitment’ in May 2019.
I can honestly say I am still as passionate about helping people as I was in 2002, helping candidates find their ideal role and securing  partnerships with clients that you just know will last for years, I absolutely love my job!
I am committed to helping employers find the right people who can contribute to their business long term and I'm determined to give any candidate that comes my way an experience that they remember ( in a good way ) 
What makes Infinite Recruitment different?

 "I get asked this a lot and my answer remains the same, when I launched Infinite Recruitment I had one initial vision in mind, helping local companies and local people.
I want to be known as a recruiter that you can Trust, A recruiter who takes the time to Listen to you, Who is Honest with feedback, a recruiter who Responds and Acknowledges your CV when you apply for a vacancy and who really Cares about your business therefore offering you a tailored solution for you,  not just a one size fits all.


"To Live Happily Research A Career with Infinite Recruitment".

I have been on the other end of searching for a job, and my CV or job application not even getting an acknowledgement of receipt and I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be.
So, when I set up my business, I was and am still determined to do the little things that make the experience for a candidate and the client just that little bit more memorable, for all the right reasons!  
Why local?
By staying local means I can offer a "personal service" which is sadly lacking in our industry these days.  
If you need to meet me for registration  or a consultation I can be flexible with what time or day, being independent means that I can meet out of office hours either in person or virtual, even at the weekend! 

What is a Consultation?
For candidates there's nothing better than a good old chat helping ensure I fully understand your circumstances, the type of environment you thrive in, your ideal role and expectations and then take a look at your CV and maybe give some guidance if it requires a little tweaking. Finally we will set about a plan of action , If I can help you I will even if it means passing you over to a recruiter that best suits your skills and expectations


For Clients I gain an understanding of your company culture , values and long term goals by spending some time on site, maybe even within individual departments or actually doing the job itself thus ensuring that not only do the candidates match the skills required of your  vacancies but your cultures and values are aligned with the candidates.
I cannot guarantee fulfilment of all your vacancies or in finding you your ideal job but what I can say is "I will do my best".
I understand that recruitment solutions need to be tailored to your needs and those of your company. I would therefore welcome an opportunity to discuss how I can support your personnel needs and demonstrate to you how I am the recruitment partner of choice.

Matching local jobs to local people.

Tel: 07885 821969

Email: info@infiniterecruit.co.uk

Reg Address: Unit 3, The Trinity, 
George Street, Burton on Trent. DE14 1DP

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